Williston School District seeks new board member and superintendent despite audit delay


Other issues arise for Williston Basin School District 7. Not only does the district need a new superintendent, it also faces a future election for a new board member.

Former Chairman of the District 1 Board of Directors Thomas kalil resigned last December for personal reasons. His resignation came about a month after District 7 the superintendent has resigned amid alleged discrepancies in the funds used to support the creation of District 7.

Board chairman Chris Jundt said the board chose to open the post for election on April 19.

“Due to the remaining term of this term, it was important to let the public weigh and vote on the next board member to take that seat,” Jundt said.

Jundt says at least three teachers are expected to step down by the end of the school year. He says the board is concerned and eagerly awaiting the positions to be filled.

Another hurdle the board must overcome now is a possible delay in auditing District 1’s finances before it merged with District 8.

At the last board meeting, the District 1 financial audit firm said its software had encountered difficulties.

“The board was hoping that we would see a report completed sometime in March. However, it took them a bit longer than expected. As to how quickly these audits can be completed, I don’t expect the state to report any faster than in April or May at this point, ”Jundt said.

Jundt’s reference to a state audit is due to the fact that a group of citizens who expressed concerns about the delayed audit and planned to ask the state auditor to examine the finances of the Districts 1 and 8 before and after their merger to become District 7.


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