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For more than a decade, steven yeun graced our screens with its understated charm and brilliant range. The South Korean-American actor has risen to prominence in recent years and gone from television actor to Oscar-nominated movie star. Appropriately, he has become an in-demand actor having carefully chosen unique projects that showcase his talent and captivate audiences. Yeun is also hailed as an important figure for bringing Asian representation to the fore in television and film. Looking ahead to her next role in the highly anticipated Jordan Pele film Nopehere are some of Yeun’s best performances and where you can watch them.

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Let’s not forget Yeun’s big role as Glenn Rhee in the 2010 zombie drama series The Walking Dead. Glenn is a former pizza delivery boy who crosses paths with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and joins his group of survivors trying to avoid the walkers. He is one of the younger characters who proves his worth as a supply courier due to his resourcefulness and, most importantly, his loyalty to the group. Yeun brings a sparkle to the role of Glenn who serves as a moral compass among the other survivors despite the ravaged and lawless world. Glenn’s vision of compassion and genuine humanity is unwavering throughout the series, especially as he develops a relationship with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). He was even considered a fan-favorite character throughout the series, meaning there was a big outcry from fans when Yeun left the TV series in 2016. However, without the exit of the series, he might not have had the opportunity to do the following excellent projects that remain on this list.

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As the first leading role in a film, the 2017 workplace horror comedy Mayhem directed by Joe Lynch a Yeun as Derek Cho. He is an office worker who rose through the corporate ranks for a consulting company involved in the development of a virus called ID-7 or the Red Eye virus. Unfortunately, Derek is wrongfully fired for a mistake made by one of his other co-workers the same day the workplace is infected with ID-7. The main effect of the virus is to destroy human inhibitions, which triggers a savage and violent attack among the infected workers. Derek must survive for eight hours before the virus stops. having detached The Walking Dead, Yeun was no stranger to the concept of bloody violence that saturates this film. It shows the sly determination and physicality of someone fighting for their life in this messy situation. He also has great chemistry with Melanie (Samara weaving) who is a client who gets tricked and teams up with Derek.

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Yeun has even worked with prolific directors such as Bong Joon Ho in his 2017 film Okja. The esteemed director’s second English/Korean hybrid film cast Yeun in an eclectic yet fantastical ensemble for a heartfelt story thinly veiled as a critique of capitalism’s relationship to animal cruelty. Her character, K, is part of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a group of animal rights activists, which allies itself with the film’s protagonist Mija (Ahn Seo Hyun). Their common goal is to save Mija’s genetically modified “super pig” named Okja from being killed under the guise of winning the Mirando Corporation contest. From the first scene of K’s introduction as a translator for the ALF group, Yeun’s performance is full of passion and even humor as a young activist. He elevates K beyond being the translator but also an enthusiastic person trying to prove his worth to the cause. Despite the same enthusiasm that cost him a few errors in the story, the public remains attached to him, especially when it comes to K and the leader of the ALF, Jay (Paul Dano), to ensure Mija’s reunion with Okja.

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Another notable indie film gem is the 2018 Riley Boots film sorry to disturb you where Yeun played the role of Squeeze. The black comedy centered on broke and unemployed protagonist Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) who discovers an unconventional way to climb the ladder of his new job as a telemarketer at Regalview. Squeeze, his coworker, organizes a union and protests the company’s unfair pay just as Cassius’s luck turns for the better and leaves him wondering where his loyalty lies. This role allowed Yeun to relax from his dramatic roles and practice his acting skills. He projects a cool, tenacious energy as Squeeze and also matches the presence of other characters such as Cassius’ girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson), and his best friend, Salvador (Jermaine Fowler). The film’s clever story delivers a harsh commentary on the job culture and capitalism that Squeeze embodies through its actions.

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Burn (2018)

Returning to the more dramatic roles in Yeun’s repertoire, Lee Changdong2018 psychological thriller Burning brought him back to his native roots of Korea in one role, unlike his others. The film follows budding writer protagonist Jung-su (Yoo Ah-in) who reunites with her former childhood neighbor Hae-mi (Jeon Jong Seo) Luckily. The two reconnect before she travels to Africa and returns with a new friend, Ben (Yeun). His new friend is quite charming and friendly but Jung-su deems him suspicious due to his rich background and secrecy (even comparing Ben to “The Great Gatsby”). Mistrust only grows when Hae-mi suddenly disappears one day. Having spent several years in American projects, it was refreshing to see Yeun in a full Korean project where his talent still translates across countries. It perfectly balances Ben’s charisma with the unsettling aura of mystery that lurks beneath the surface. As the film progresses, audiences share the same unease with Ben as Jung-su does, especially as we learn more about his life and habits. This role certainly stands out when Yeun’s usual characters are the “good guy” type while Ben falls into an ambiguous and gray area as a dodgy man. He even received Best Supporting Actor nominations from several film associations.

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Another of Yeun’s biggest roles is in the 2020 harrowing family drama minari directed by Lee Isaac Chung. Yeun stars as Jacob, a Korean immigrant who moves to Arkansas with his family in the 1980s to start cultivating a Korean produce farm. The story interweaves the immigrant experience with the American dream as Jacob’s optimism drives him to work hard and start the farm to support his family in their new home. Along the way, he even gets help from a friendly neighbor and former Korean War veteran named Paul (Will Patton) to grow the farm. All hopeful stories are of course filled with difficulties and obstacles that allow Jacob to maintain a balance between the farm and the stability of his family. Similar to Burning, Yeun draws on his Korean heritage as a stern but loving father to his children where the family communicates in their native language at home. Yet within their Arkansas community, their assimilation to America is evident through the effort of their English and their mingling with the faithful. Yeun truly shines as Jacob whose resolve remains unwavering despite circumstances occurring throughout the story. The role even earned him a prestigious 2021 Oscar nomination for Best Actor alongside Youn Yuh-jung who ended up winning her Best Supporting Actress category.

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Rounding out the list, Yeun’s most recent role in the superhero anime television series Invincible. His filmography has also been built with a decent amount of voice acting roles including Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender and Tuca and Bertie. For InvincibleYeun voices Mark Grayson, the titular superhero who is a teenager who has recently grown into his superpowers inherited from his father Nolan (JK Simmons) otherwise known as the hero Omni-Man. Mark is slowly learning to balance his teenage life and his superhero abilities with the help of his friends like William (Andrew Rannel) and Amber (Zazie Beetz), other superheroes like Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs), and his own mother Debbie (Sandra Oh). Unbeknownst to Mark, there is a mysterious and dark secret his father is keeping from him that ends up having huge repercussions that define what kind of hero Mark will become. Yeun breathes so much life into the character, which makes Mark incredibly likable and approachable in terms of wanting to reach your full potential in all aspects of your life. He shows quick wit whenever he jokes around with his friends or superhero allies. Yeun even captures the dramatic beats of some of the painful moments that unfold in the story. On April 29, 2021, the anime series was renewed for two more seasons ahead of its scheduled season finale.

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