Tiburon to weigh diversity when hiring, general plan



Tiburon is led to consider diversity in its employment practices and its updated general plan.

City council asked staff at its Wednesday meeting to work with O’Rourke & Associates, a Novato consulting firm hired to update the city’s 20-year general plan, to develop a cost and cost proposal. scope to add a separate element related to diversity. and inclusion.

O’Rourke & Associates was hired in 2020 at an estimated total cost of $ 794,019 to complete the project, which initially lacked an element of diversity and inclusion. The general plan is expected to be adopted in November 2022.

A presentation on the new item proposal will be made at the board meeting on Nov. 3 or 17, CEO Greg Chanis said.

The General Plan is a document that guides the development of Tiburon over 20 years. The updated plan, through 2042, will address issues related to land use, housing, transportation, open spaces and other community issues.

The council also initiated the process of hiring a separate diversity and work inclusion consultant to review the city’s practices related to diversity in hiring, recruiting and advancement. The consultant will also be able to explore the possibility of hiring an employee specifically responsible for managing the city’s diversity, equity and inclusion.

Chanis said staff intend to prepare a request for consultants and develop a shortlist of candidates. He said the city’s diversity and inclusion committee would likely be involved in the selection process, although its exact role is undecided.

“We appreciate and appreciate the work of the task force and look forward to working with them to move forward,” he said.

Chanis shared hiring demographics at the diversity committee meeting on October 13. The data, which compared current gender and race / ethnic diversity with January 2016, showed small increases in both measures.

Chanis said Tiburon has 38 full-time staff, although there are three vacancies. In 2016, there were also 38 employees, he said.

Women represent 32.43% of Tiburon’s workforce. In 2016, the number was 26.32%.

In 2016, Tiburon’s workforce comprised 86.84% white employees, with the rest of Latin heritage. Today, the workforce is made up of 75.68% White employees, 18.92% Latino employees, 2.7% Middle Eastern employees, and 2.7% Asian employees.

Chanis noted that the three vacant positions are assumed to fall under the “White” category because it was about the racial origin of the employees who held the positions.

Mayor Holli Thier said the diversity committee and city council were making “great strides” in addressing concerns.

“We still have a lot of work to do, but we are moving forward on important steps such as reviewing our diversity and our inclusion in hiring,” They said. “Our city is focusing for the first time on creating a more inclusive community.”

The diversity committee was formed following a racial controversy last year involving the Yema store. On August 21, 2020, police from Tiburon and Belvedere asked the owners to identify themselves while in the store around 1 a.m. One of the owners, Yema Khalif, said he didn’t have to justify being in his own store. and accused the officer of racial prejudice.



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