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February 19, 2022 – Luka Kolovrat, director of the Imotski Tourist Board, talks about Imotski tourism in 2022 and what awaits the region.

Despite the pandemic, the past tourist year in the Imotski region has been truly memorable. This was confirmed by more than 100,000 overnight stays, an increase in the number of luxury accommodations and a record number of visits to the natural beauties of Imotski and its surroundings. All of this has further motivated tourism workers in the region to prepare as well as possible for the coming season, even if the coronavirus may dictate.

Luka Kolovrat, director of the Imotski Tourist Board, and his associates are currently preparing projects that will further enhance the successful marketing of local values ​​presented to guests. Slobodna Dalmacija reports:

“The Tourist Office is only a small segment in the promotion of tourism in Imotski and the Imotski region because in the first place there are our tenants. Last year we ended up with 384 of them. them, and this season this number will be higher because in this part of the year, according to our data, the number of 400 hosts has already been exceeded.

I’m optimistic, and if the pandemic calms down, I think we’ll surpass last year’s overnight record, and in that number it was more than 90% foreign guests. In October of last year, all the tenants received inquiries and reserved some capacity, and then we had a lull for almost three months. Yet, over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in inquiries from potential customers and bookings,” Kolovrat says and adds:

“However, we must have a slight hesitation, even though the accommodations in the Imotski region are among the safest in Croatia due to the location of the houses, the separation from the center and the regular vaccinations of owners and members. of their families. Thus, in 2020, at the national level, we had between 50 and 60% occupancy of tourist capacities, and in our country, up to 80%.

They are also preparing several vital projects.

“We have launched several multi-year projects, so we have received almost 800,000 kuna from the funds of the United Tourist Boards and the Split-Dalmatia County through a tender. This is 60% of all our income We expect a similar result this year as well.

Last year we organized the first phase of the Camino Imota pilgrimage route, marked it, organized the first Camino weekend in which more than 150 pilgrims from different countries came. We also received an award from the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies for this part of the project. This year we are starting with the second phase, and we will organize the target weekend earlier, at the beginning of May, due to the expected excellent summer heat.

In parallel, we begin the third phase with which we close this story: the connection of our Camino property to the pilgrimage route of Our Lady of Sinj. The Sinj tourist board worked on this route from Rama in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Sinj to Solin, and we were now going to connect to Trin via Trilj.

We also have a long-term destination quality management project called “IQM Imota”. Last year, we had 30 partners who could learn; they signed a book of standards and a commitment to stick to that standard. Additionally, over 1,500 reviews from our customers were collected and each stakeholder received a written report on how customers see it.

In 2021, we measured quality based on 95% reviews, which is an outstanding result. Our goal is to increase the number of participants and the number of opinions observed.

We are also planning a big bike race that will combine sports, visits to the Imotski region, meetings with our famous winegrowers, then a game of chess at the entrance to Lac Bleu with one of our grand masters. In addition, we will have a new brochure in collaboration with HGSS.

We are also looking forward to registering Geopark “Biokovo – Imotski Lakes” in the UNESCO system because it is our great asset. We got up to 885 points from the reviewers out of a possible 1000, which is really impressive.

We await the decisions of the Council and the Assembly of UNESCO, which indicate that we still have a few small things to complete. There is still hope that we will enter it soon, but if it is extended for a short time, our entry is still safe,” concludes the head of the Imotski Tourist Office.

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