Tangerine Software Inc. sells its Sage X3 ERP practice to 4CAD Group


“The timing of the sale was right for both companies,” says Greg brown, President of Tangerine. “My partner, Benoit Trottier and I seek to focus our efforts on growing our global Nectari BI business, and 4CAD seeks to dramatically increase its Sage X3 presence in North America by acquisition. 4CAD’s highly successful Sage X3 company in Europe, and their commitment to become a major partner of Sage X3 in North America, were the main reasons why selling our X3 practice to them made sense. I can’t wait to work with 4CAD over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for employees and customers. ”

Greg says, “When we started our ERP practice in 1992, we had no idea how successful Tangerine was. I am extremely grateful to the hundreds of employees who have worked at Tangerine over the past 30 years, dedicated to the success of our customers. I am also grateful to our many customers who have trusted Tangerine over the years to provide them with the guidance and support needed to operate and grow their businesses. Fortunately, we will continue to stay close to all with 4CAD move into our new offices in Montreal, where our Nectari and Sage X3 teams will work side by side. ”

“We are delighted to see our team continue to grow while entering new markets and serving new clients,” said Stéphane Letheule, President of 4CAD Group. “The acquisition of the Sage X3 practice from Tangerine Software will allow us to accelerate our expansion in North America, where clients will benefit from the wealth of 4CAD Sage X3 consulting services and a number of value-added and critical solutions in our portfolio. ”

About Tangerine Software Inc. and Nectari

Founded in 1992, Tangerine Software is located in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. Tangerine was the first consulting firm in North America to start a Sage X3 practice over 20 years ago and today is one of Sage X3’s biggest partners in North America with more than 80 employees. Tangerine’s Nectari Business Intelligence software is an innovative data analysis and management solution that is also marketed by Sage and its partners around the world as “Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)”. Today, more than 2,500 companies benefit from the Nectari product offering (SEI).

On 4CAD Group

Created in France in 2004, 4CAD The Group currently has 295 employees, with a turnover of $ 82 million Canadian dollars. 4CAD CANADA was established in Montreal, Quebec in 2016. 4CAD’s mission is to shape the future of the industry today by providing customers with consistent, innovative and technologically advanced business solutions, including PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IOT (Internet of Things) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Used together, they help businesses increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

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