Should an Adjuster justify Weak Settlement Offers?


It is very difficult in many situations to sustain damage after a body accident and obtain compensation without having to deal with an insurance agent. More personal accident situations involve insurance companies handling the claims process and this is where the paychecks are scattered. But adjusters are not trained to care about the damage suffered by the victims of their accidents and be motivated to help. Rather the opposite. Adjusters are trained to find anything they can use against a victim to avoid having to pay fair settlements or, better yet, outright deny claims for financial compensation.

When filing your claim with an insurance company, it’s essential to be prepared with a strategy to get the compensation you need and deserve. Negotiations can be quite difficult as you are unlikely to be working with a fair-minded adjuster willing to offer you full and fair payment.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side to manage communications and negotiations with the adjuster can help you better protect your rights and help you get the most compensation from your claim. In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a personal injury attorney in Jackson who can help and support you through every step of the Mississippi personal injury claims process.

How do you respond to low-cost settlement offers from insurance agents?

Once negotiations begin, you should expect a lot of back and forth between you and the agent, mainly because it’s likely that the first offer you get will be far less than what you deserve. You should not only expect to do a few rounds with an expert before you can get the right amount of settlement, but you should be prepared and ready for it. Precisely because the adjuster is likely to offer a low settlement, you need to understand that this is common practice and be prepared to counter.

Usually the first offer isn’t the best, so a rule of thumb is to understand all of your damages so you have an idea of ​​what a full settlement should look like. This can help you identify those low-ball offers and then explain that the offer is not enough. Most of the time, accepting the first offer is not in the victim’s best interest.

The amount you include in your initial demand letter may be adjusted. It is possible and potentially helpful to be willing to reduce your amount. But if the expert gives you an unreasonable offer that is clearly not close to what you deserve, then you can go back to him and ask him pointed questions for more clarification on why the offer is so low. and how the amount was calculated. Doing this before reducing your amount can help you meet the adjuster in a better position of strength knowing all the details. Only after discussing how the offer was put together and getting a rationale can you then decide if it makes sense to go a little lower on your end.

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Negotiations are tactical and strategic and although you can handle these communications yourself, having an attorney who knows the game and is experienced in these matters tends to be the most beneficial approach for victims who must pull the trigger. most of their claims. Call Jackson’s personal injury attorney at the German law firm, PLLC today to speak with an attorney who has more than four decades of Mississippi personal injury claims experience. To schedule a free consultation, you can call (601) 487-0555.


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