San Simeon Board Fails to Appoint New Director: What’s Next?

May 8, 2022


The San Simeon Community Service District missed the window to appoint a board member to fill a vacancy, after it wrongfully withheld the names of the candidates for the seat from the public.

After just two months on the board, former director Roberta Reinstein submitted a letter of resignation on March 8, effective immediately. California government code requires the board to appoint a replacement within 60 days of resignation, which in this case was May 7, or forfeit the right to appoint.

Two people applied for the vacant seat on the board: Henry Krzciuk and Jacqueline Diamond. Krzciuk is a whistleblower and activist who has been highly critical of the current board. Diamond, a retired teacher with a background in accounting, also questioned the council’s actions.

After the district’s April 28 deadline to apply for the position, CalCoastNews requested the names of the applicants, which is public information under public records law. District Office Manager Cortney Murguia argued that Brown Law prohibits the district from informing the public of the identities of candidates before publishing the agenda, then hung up on the reporter who asked for the rule specific.

The San Simeon District Council plans to consider the nominees at a May 10 council meeting, according to the agenda.

However, government code 1780 does not allow community service district boards to appoint a director after missing the 60-day deadline. As a result, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors has 30 days after the missed May 7 deadline to appoint a trustee or call an election to fill the vacancy.


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