Nihon University board member accused of breach of trust


On October 7, Tokyo prosecutors arrested a member of the Nihon University board and a former president of a medical company on suspicion of breach of trust over money transfers resulting from a reconstruction project. from the school hospital.

The Tokyo District Attorney’s Office suspects that board member Tadao Inoguchi, 64, and Masami Yabumoto, 61, former head of Osaka-based Kinshukai, caused 220 million yen (1.97 million dollars) in financial damage to the university.

They denied the allegations during voluntary questioning by investigators, sources said.

Inoguchi is a close associate of Hidetoshi Tanaka, chairman of the university’s board of directors.

In December 2019, Nihon University contracted out a subsidiary to choose a company to design and manage the reconstruction of Itabashi Hospital at Nihon University in the Itabashi district of Tokyo.

Inoguchi is a member of the board of directors of the subsidiary Nihon University Enterprise Co., based in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo.

Nihon University Enterprise selected a Tokyo design office from among four applicants.

In April 2020, the university awarded a 2.44 billion yen contract to the design office, on the basis of the estimate provided by the subsidiary.

The university paid around 730 million yen of the amount to the study office in July 2020.

The following month, the design office transferred around 220 million yen of the payment to a shell company created by Yabumoto.

Investigators suspect Inoguchi of directing the money transfer, which was characterized as a consultation fee. They believe Yabumoto was a conspirator in the affair.

In September 2020, a company related to Kinshukai, a large medical group in the Kansai region, transferred 66 million yen to a consulting company related to knowledge of Inoguchi.

Of this money, 30 million yen was transferred to another knowledge-related company.

Acquaintance in March and June of this year handed Inoguchi a total of 25 million yen of that amount, investigators said.

Inoguchi came under fire as an assistant coach for the college football team. He reportedly told players to keep quiet about a vicious blow late to an opposing team’s quarterback in 2018.

In July of the same year, Inoguchi resigned from the university’s board of trustees and served as project planning director at Nihon University Enterprise.

But in December 2019, he became a director of the board of directors of Nihon University Enterprise, and he returned to the board of directors of the university in September 2020.

Yabumoto and Tanaka have both served as vice-president of the Japan Sumo Federation, which oversees amateur sumo wrestling.

Yabumoto is also said to be close to Inoguchi.

Investigators searched the university headquarters, branch, home and office of Tanaka, a company linked to Kinshukai, and elsewhere on September 8 and 9.

Yabumoto resigned as chairman of the Kinshukai group on September 17.


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