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The next school board administration will consider building a new central office

Posted at 11:18 a.m. on Saturday, November 12, 2022

VIDALIA, La. — The decision to build a new school board central office will go to the next administration in January, officials said at a board meeting Thursday night.

The central office of the Concordia Parish School Board has been closed for two months due to a mold problem, with the last two board meetings having been held at Vidalia City Hall.

Outgoing school board member Warren Enterkin moved a motion to create a committee that would examine options for building a new central office.

The current central office space on Carter Street, across the freeway from Vidalia City Hall, is leased to Steve Weeks of Vidalia. However, the school district is under contract to take care of the maintenance needs of the building.

School board president Fred Butcher spoke after Entertkin’s motion and suggested they let the next administration deal with it when they take office in January 2023, “That way some of the newly elected board members may serve on this committee.”

“I’m okay with that,” Enterkin said and withdrew his motion.

Three new elected school board members will take office in January.

Enterkin introduced R. Wayne Wilson Jr., an elected member of the school board who sat in the audience for Thursday’s meeting and will fill Enterkin’s seat at District 5 Place A.

Wilson won 73% of the vote in Tuesday’s election with Enterkin and Sandy Netherland Roberts both vying for the same seat.

Also in Tuesday’s election, Fred Marsalis beat outgoing District 2 board member Reverend Raymond Riley Sr., Ph.D., and Vanessa Houck beat outgoing board member of District 3 Place A, Ricky Raven Sr.

Butcher and Angela Hayes were both re-elected for another term and incumbents Dorothy Parker, Lissette Forman, Derrick Carson and Matt Taunton were unopposed.

In other areas, a newly formed school board committee is assessing the costs and benefits of placing artificial turf on the Ferriday and Vidalia soccer fields and a running track around each. Similar projects cost between $2.5 million and $2.7 million per pitch, and an untracked grass pitch costs about $1.4 million, said Marco Gonzalez, project supervisor at Volkert Inc. The Mayor and Council Vidalia aldermen discussed using $500,000 of the city’s excess hydro revenue for turf at Vidalia High School’s football stadium.

Enterkin was the only school board member to object to the creation of this committee at the October board meeting.

“We are meeting in the Vidalia council chamber because our council chamber is unable,” Enterkin said. “We rent a building there and we pay for it and now we are talking about millions of dollars to make football fields. I think our priorities are a bit unbalanced here. We need to consider a conference room and a meeting place of our own rather than thinking of spending millions of dollars on football fields.

To be fair to Monterey, Enterkin added that if the school district puts turf on the football fields, it should also do the same for the Monterey baseball field.

“Off the cuff, he says it’s $1.5 million times three. That’s a lot of money for this board,” Enterkin said. “We need to think about our priorities rather than considering renovating football pitches at the moment.”


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