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Phil McGehee, new incumbent of Poteau Public Schools Board Seat No. 2, was sworn in to office by incoming Poteau Schools Board Chairman Ranada Adams at the start of Monday night’s meeting at the Bert Administration Building. Corr.

Immediately after McGehee was sworn in, the council reorganized as Adams was elected council chairman, former council chairman Ron Hall as vice-chairman, and Matt McBee as clerk.

The board approved several personnel matters at Monday night’s meeting.

First, the board approved several resignations – Assistant Superintendent Monty Guthrie, elementary school teacher Katherine Morris, technology support staff member Cassie Gorforth, teachers Donna Miller, Athena Farrell, Jeana Stone and Olivia Livingston and Lisa Storer, professor of mathematics at the Seventh-Eighth Grade Academic Center.

Next, the board approved the hiring of Warron Chavers as Pansy Kidd Middle School Caretaker, Jovanna Guidry as Poteau Primary Primary School Caretaker, Tina Parsons as Early Childhood Education Teacher adults at Poteau Adult Learning Center and Sydney Hampton as a teacher at Poteau Elementary Primary School, followed by the board approving certified and temporary certified staff hires.

The final staffing issue approved by the board was to hire district summer school staff – paraprofessionals Apal Neal, Lilly Tramel, Whitley Tramel, Jaelynn Sawyer, Watt Snapp and Zoe Nesbitt, paraprofessionals from the special education Bailey Adams and Jentry Jordan, after-school special education paraprofessionals Madeline Martin and Brooklyn Wilson, after-school family and consumer sciences staff.

The Board also approved certain financial matters. The board approved temporary appropriations for the 2022-2023 school year which will take effect July 1 – $20,321,432 in the general fund, $1,612,801 in the children’s nutrition fund and $3,190,464 in the fund. of construction. Poteau Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Don Sjoberg said this was done so that when the new school year begins on July 1, there will be enough funds to start operating.

The board approved two fundraisers – one through the high school art program and the other through the Poteau Pirates football program – to raise funds to purchase necessary equipment as well as approve fund transfers. of activity.

In his report, Sjoberg introduced the officers of the PHS Thespian Troupe — Kimberly Morales, president, along with Bethany Warren and Res Smith — who placed second in last weekend’s state speech contest. The trio spoke about the importance of theater to the council.

Next, Sjoberg gave the board a brief update on the Bob Lee Kidd Civic Center renovation and construction of the new Professional Agriculture Building, followed by a brief discussion on Oklahoma State training board members. School Boards Association (OSSBA) and shares with the board the positive feedback given to the district’s child nutrition program by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).

The council took no official action on the district’s policy changes, but three council members shared their concerns. Hall said he thinks the current guidelines are too restrictive on who can discuss a topic. Adams thinks the wording is too ambiguous and McGehee shared his thoughts on the need for council members to be “open” and available to be sought out by people in the district when they have problems. It was strongly recommended that when action is taken, which may occur at the May meeting at 6:00 p.m. on May 9, that at least two school board members be required to approve an item to be placed on the future agenda.

The board approved four contracts and agreements – two with Kiamichi Tech, one for teaching math/science classes and paying the district for transportation of its students to Kiamichi Tech. The other three contracts/agreements were with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Resource for the next school year, the Department of Rehabilitation Services for the next school year, and the National Center for Education and training for people with disabilities for this summer.

The Financial Director of the Poteau Public Schools, Vallerie Martin, presented her financial reports. She said the balance at the end of March and April in the general fund was $3,706,680, $1,046,292 in the construction fund, $806,369 in the children’s nutrition fund, $511,614 in the bond fund, $730,230 in the sinking fund, $270,685 in insurance. stimulus fund and $630,058 in the activity fund.

As for expenses, Martin said the general fund was $538,057, the cafeteria fund was $146,959, and the bond fund was $9,254.

The board also approved a $2,950.20 change order to Cedar Ridge Construction, LLC for cladding work on the meat lab of the future business/farm building.


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