New NBPA executive director Tamika Tremaglio is “unfazed and brilliant.” But above all she is an agent of change – The Athletic


Last month, on her fourth day as executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, Tamika Tremaglio set a new rule for her executive team. They would go the next 21 days without saying no to anything.

It was the beginning of a mental reshaping for its staff and an organizational rewiring by its new leader. She asks them to change, just as she has for the past few years after battling doubt to come out with a new leadership model.

Nothing was too small to agree – neither in IT nor in infrastructure. She wanted them to start thinking differently, thinking through all the possibilities about a problem before relying on the same archetypes they had built up after years of working. After the full three weeks, she hoped it would become a habit.

Tremaglio came to the NBPA with a change in mind. This has been her driving mission as she searched for the job and now as she imagines what she can do with it.

She comes with connections, with verve and eyes set on the NBPA update. Although she has spent her career in businesses outside of professional sport, she is no stranger, having consulted with multiple unions across all leagues.

Tremaglio approaches his new role with optimism and enthusiasm. She speaks melodically – mesmerizing in her ability to place disparate ideas into a single train of thought. Michele Roberts, her predecessor, first met her years ago when she needed an expert witness. She decided to hire someone with more experience, but instead chose Tremaglio because of his ease in expressing information in a way that would win a jury.

“His ability to really solve complex problems, to be creative, to build relationships, to see around corners or to look over the horizon,” said Donald Remy, Undersecretary of Veterans Affairs and someone who has known her for some time in their familiar Washington, DC, circles, says.


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