New Board Member for Plymouth + New Westland Pet Supplies Store


Hi friends! I’m back with your new copy of the Plymouth-Canton Daily. Here are all the most important things to know about what’s happening in the community today.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Sunny and warm. High: 91 Low: 72.

Here are the top stories in Plymouth-Canton today:

  1. After heated discussions, Republican Jennifer Buckley was appointed to the city council at a special meeting on June 21, a post made vacant earlier this spring by the resignation of former treasurer Mark Clinton. (hometown life)
  2. First pet supply store opened its doors at 128 S. Merriman in the mall with Kroger and other Westland shops. (hometown life)
  3. Some Republican state lawmakers introduced a bill on Tuesday who would punish a doctor with a 10 year felony and up to $100,000 in fines for performing an “illegal” abortion under the state’s 1931 abortion ban. (Michigan crest)

Today in Plymouth-Canton:

  • Sanitation of Canton – City of Canton – Environment & Public Works (8:00 a.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Downtown Plymouth, Michigan: “The Bank of Ann Arbor Music in the Air concert series returns tonight with the blues and rock sounds of the band Randy Brock. They’ll take the stage at Hines Park Lincoln at 7 p.m. We’ll have a Camaro car show at the interior of the Henry Ford Healt…” (Downtown Plymouth Michigan via Facebook)
  • Canton Farmer’s Market: “Have you ever been to the market to buy the freshest produce of the season? Stop by on Sunday June 26th and browse all we have to offer! From artisans to bakers to farmers; demonstrations of live music and cooking, and more, you can’t stop…” (Canton Farmer’s Market via Facebook)
  • Rotary Club of Plymouth, Michigan: “The Rotary of Plymouth held the ‘changing of the guard’ today. The club’s new president, Penny Joy, was inducted by new district governor, Traci Sincock. Past president Dale Yagiela received his pin and his Past President plaque by the President…” (Rotary Club of Plymouth, MI via Facebook)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Plymouth/N Holbrook: “I am looking for someone to mow our lawn in Plymouth town center for the next two weeks and then again in July for two weeks. My husband has had cataract surgery and is unable to do this. – Please let it be known.” (The next door)

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You are now aware and ready to go out this Saturday. I’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow with a new update!

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