Napa County Farm Bureau Announces New President and 2022-24 Board of Directors


Napa County Agricultural BureauMarch 24 – Napa, California – The Napa County Farm Bureau held its annual meeting on March 23 and voted to elect Peter Nissen as the new 2022-24 president, as well as to elect a new 2022-24 board of directors and officers.

The member-elected officers of the Napa County Farm Bureau are Peter Nissen, president; Eric Pooler, 1st Vice President; Don Munk, 2n/a Vice President; Bruce Bardessono, Treasurer; Johnnie White, former president.

CEO Ryan Klobas will continue to lead the organization as chief executive.

Members voted to elect the following 18 people to the 2022-24 Napa County Farm Bureau Board of Directors: Bruce Bardessono, Megan Coy, August D’Amato, Chris Frank, Tom Gamble, Christopher Hyde,

Jake Knobloch, Eddie McMullen, Don Munk, Peter Nissen, Eric Pooler, Manuel Rios, Derek Sanchez, Kara Taddei, Patrick Tokar, Johnnie White, Allison Cellini Wilson and Dave Wilson.

“This is an important and exciting time for the Napa County Farm Bureau,” said Peter Nissen, newly elected Chairman of the Napa County Farm Bureau. “We have experienced great success and growth at the Agricultural Office over the past few years and we intend to continue to build on this success by representing our many members and advocating on their behalf. We have significant issues ahead for Napa Valley agriculture and we have the right team in place to address these issues and continue to ensure Napa Valley agriculture thrives,” Nissen said.

“We have big plans for the Farm Bureau over the next two years,” said Ryan Klobas, Napa County Farm Bureau general manager. “The Farm Bureau has achieved great public policy and political feats over the past few years and we fully intend to build on those successes and continue to professionally represent the interests of Napa Valley agriculture at the local, state, and local levels. and federal,” Klobas said.


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