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For the publisher:

I write about the disrespect, lack of human behavior, and righteous nasty behavior exhibited by the chairperson of the Newbury Select Board.

Selectman Michael Doyle has been sick this year, starting January 2021. Some of you might know, some might not, some might not care. He was followed by several doctors specializing in respiratory problems. The president was informed as well as the administrator of the city.

Today, after having had great difficulty breathing and following his medical protocol, he felt he could not breathe during the November 9 Select Council meeting and contacted the city administrator, who forwarded the information to the President of the Restricted Council.

The president quickly reached out to Selectman Doyle, who asked her to be able to attend this meeting on Tuesday, which is a very important meeting, via Zoom. She refused and told him to stay home. I witnessed this behavior.

The president publicly insulted and rude Selectman Doyle during the meetings. From ignoring him to scolding him and interrupting him like she did with other citizens of Newbury.

Newbury voters re-elected her this year and for that, rather than being grateful, she acts like a child, especially if she doesn’t get what she wants. This behavior is directed at both Selectman Doyle and Geraldine Heavey, a member of the Board of Directors of Select.

Elected officials have a duty and an obligation to be polite and courteous to their peers, even if they don’t like each other. The behavior of this advice is embarrassing.

When a person is ill and can work from home, the privilege is granted. Because this Zoom request was denied, Selectman Doyle chose to attend the meeting, with his nebulizer so he could breathe, as it was, in his opinion, an important meeting and he didn’t want to miss it.

No one should be treated that way, even if the president doesn’t like it. She showed a lack of respect not only to the elected official, but also to the board of directors and its constituents. What embarrassment.



The author of the letter is married to Michael Doyle, member of the selection committee.


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