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Morgan Caruso was inspired to practice law by personal tragedy. Caruso’s mother died just three days before her 15th birthday due to medical malpractice.

This led her to start working at a personal injury law firm before she even went to law school.

“I knew I wanted to stand up for people,” she said.

However, it was a criminal defense clinic she attended at Case Western Reserve University Law School in Cleveland that helped her with her current criminal defense work, she said.

“I fell in love with regularly pleading in the courtroom and that’s how I started my journey to becoming a criminal defense attorney,” she said.

CJN: What motivates you?

Caruso: My children motivate me every day. I love working and I love being a mom. Balance makes me proud. Recently, my oldest son, Carson, told me that he thinks lawyers are all girls.

CJN: What do you see as your strengths as a lawyer?

Caruso: I have the real ability to be appreciated, to negotiate almost anything and to use my connections and my excellent arguments so that my clients obtain the best results in their cases.

CJN: What is the most significant case you have been involved in?

Caruso: I have been involved in more serious cases than I can count. Probably the most important to me are those where there are such mitigating factors that don’t necessarily constitute a defense that tugs at my heartstrings deeply because I care so much about my clients and their lives. I try to dig deeper into why people do what they do and the services I could potentially connect them to in order to help them, whether it’s related to mental health, addiction, support for elders combatants or other interventions to encourage their rehabilitation.

CJN: What do you see as the next steps in your career?

Caruso: Last year, Caruso Law Offices opened its second location, an east side office located at Jefferson Park in Mayfield Village. I will open another office this year and others in the future. Additionally, I have hired an associate attorney and anticipate other positions opening as we continue to grow rapidly.


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