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Manx Care has paid tribute to its non-executive director, Vanessa Walker, who died of cancer after being diagnosed in February 2021.

A statement from Manx Care said: “We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere condolences to Vanessa’s family and friends who are very much in our thoughts at this time.

“As a non-executive director, Vanessa was a tremendous asset, bringing so many different skills and perspectives to the Manx Care Board.

“She was first and foremost a nurse, with empathy and caring at the center of everything she did.

‘Secondly, she had extensive experience working in local government, specializing in governance and organizational culture, in the Isle of Man Civil Service heading the Management Advisory Service and as an elected councilor in the ‘East Yorkshire, chairing the Health and Wellbeing Board. ” He continued, ‘All of these attributes were supported by a strong academic record, as well as her extensive nursing qualifications.

“In addition to her very impressive career, she was deeply and personally married to the Isle of Man with a home and family on the island, as well as her many years working here – so we had at least six people to Vanessa for the price of one!

‘But perhaps more than all those accomplishments was Vanessa’s worth as a person, exuding warmth, wisdom, goodwill – and a wicked sense of humour.

“She was also very courageous and, despite a serious illness, continued to play an integral role in Manx Care as chair of our quality and safety committee.

“The Board has lost a great colleague, the Island has lost a great friend and we have all lost a great person.”


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