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The Harford County government paid $1.49 million to acquire the Bel Air property from the law firm Brown, Brown & Young.

“This is a strategic location for government because we are already here,” said Cindy Mumby, County Government and Community Manager. She added that it was an opportunity the city may never have again.

The South Main Street office is on the same block as the County Administration Building and down the street from other county offices such as Community Services and Economic Development.

The property, which includes three buildings and two parking lots, is leased to Brown, Brown & Young for $10,700 a month, or about $16 per square foot, Mumby said. The company will pay taxes and maintenance.

Mumby said while the county has no immediate need for the property, it could potentially be used to expand county offices.

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Albert JA “Jay” Young said the sale did not affect the company’s operations, calling the transition “completely seamless”.

“We’ve been here a long time,” Young said. “There is no debt on it. And the market is very hot. … So, it was just a good time.

The deal was completed on May 18 after the Board of Estimates approved it on March 8. The county, as required by county code, had two appraisals on the property, one for $1.825 million and one for $1.49 million, the latter being the purchase price. .

Mumby said the county was first approached to purchase the property in August 2021. She said it was not unusual for the county to receive inquiries about buying property.

Rental revenue from renting the property will go to the county’s general operating fund, Mumby said.

Young said the company plans to stay in the property for the time being.

“If the time comes when the county identifies a use for the property,” Young said, “we will find another place to rent in the city of Bel Air.”


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