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CHANGES TO COME? – Hancock School Board Vice Chairman Ed Fields raised questions at Monday’s board meeting about the GEA policy, which focuses on policies for athletic trainers, as well as the structure of remuneration of school district coaches. –Craig Howell

NEW CUMBERLAND — The Hancock County School Board may be considering adjustments to a policy governing the hierarchy and salary structures of coaching staff in the county’s school system.

As part of Monday’s meeting at the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center, the board held a discussion on GEA policy, which focuses on athletic trainers. Board vice-chairman Ed Fields said he asked for the policy to be on the agenda.

“I’ve received a lot of feedback since I’ve been on the board. » Fields said.

In particular, Fields said he was asked about hiring practices for assistant coaches, as well as the pay scale. Board members noted that although high school and middle school assistant coaches have different levels of involvement and different lengths of seasons, they receive the same compensation.

Superintendent Dawn Petrovich noted that while the hiring of coaches is regulated under GEA policy, the pay scale is part of another policy.

Fields also reported disagreements over the hierarchy of coaching teams, including whether college sports should be considered their own systems, power systems for high schools, and whether college coaches report to high school head coaches. .

“There must be a way that we can get along” Fields said.

Board member Larry Shaw indicated that he served on the board in 2018, the last time the GEA policy was updated.

“At the time it was a compromise, or so we were told” Shaw said, explaining that he explained how coaches were to be hired, as well as stipulations for annual coaching staff reviews and the involvement of the school principal and athletic director.

“Cooperation should be the key” Shaw, a former coach himself, said.

Board member Gerard Spencer, who served as an assistant coach at Weir High, said different programs and schools have taken different approaches over the years.

“Administrations must get on the same page” he said.

Board Chairman Chris Gillette asked Fields if he wanted to lead discussions on any policy or salary scale adjustments. Fields, however, suggested forming a committee, with athletic directors and coaches from middle and high schools across the county, to discuss any issues and then report back to the board with suggestions.

In other business Monday, the board approved an update to the GCC policy, which sets out the policy for professional and service staff leave and unpaid absences.

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