Germantown School Board comments on response to safety resolution


By Thomas J. McKillen
Chief Editor

While several elected officials in the state received a Germantown School Board-approved safety resolution in July, a Germantown council member who helped shape the resolution does not expect any action. immediate action is taken on the proposal.

The resolution approved by the board on July 18 called on the State of Wisconsin to provide school districts with mobile weapon detection systems similar to those used at professional sporting events, provide and fund services and tools mental health services for students that may include smartphone apps, to provide defense and firearms training to all school personnel who wish to receive this training, and to provide adequate funding to the Germantown School District to implement school safety aids. The resolution also calls for the state to “create laws that impose high bail and harsh sentences for violent offenders” and “that Wisconsin’s concealed-carrying statues be amended to allow a licensee to possess a firearm on school property and in school buildings if permitted by the local school district.

Tom Barney, vice chairman of the board who helped draft the resolution, said the resolution was delivered to members of the state legislature, Attorney General Josh Kaul and Governor Tony Evers.

“Given the government’s shared control, I don’t expect anything to happen quickly,” Barney said. Barney was referring to the fact that Evers and Kaul are Democrats while Republicans control both the Senate and the State Assembly.

Barney said he has heard of other school districts that have seen the Germantown resolution and may consider passing similar resolutions.

“Overall, I appreciate that we are the leader in this area. We have to do everything we can to make sure we improve safety,” Barney said. “We think we have a good security posture right now (and) a great environment with our law enforcement, but we can always do more.”

School board president Brian Medved said school board members from other communities personally contacted him and asked Medved about the Germantown resolution and why the board chose to approve the resolution.

“I think school districts are also interested in going that route,” Medved said.

Council member Tracy Pawlak asked Germantown residents to take a look at the items listed in the resolution approved by council in July.

“I think there are a lot of items out there that a wide range of people can get,” Pawlak said. I would just encourage those people, if there’s even one of those articles, to keep reaching out to local leaders, Madisons, and say, “Hey, we want you to think about this.”


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