Four large blind spots on the 18-wheelers


Everyone knows cars have blind spots, but not everyone realizes how many bling points the 18 wheels have. In Mississippi, a common cause of large truck accidents is a truck driver who does not see other drivers. While truck drivers should check their blind spots, there are ways to avoid these blind spots. If you’ve been in an accident, be sure to seek help from a Mississippi accident attorney.

What are the four main blind spots?

Unlike most other vehicles, the 18 wheels have four main blind spots. These blind spots for the 18 wheels exist on both sides, at the rear and at the front. You might be wondering how a blind spot can be right in front of the driver. The height of most of the 18 wheels is enough to create a blind spot for small cars driving right in front of these trucks.

This is why many 18-wheelers, certainly not all, keep a distance from you. Large truck drivers have to do this to see where the other cars are in front of them. Truck drivers who follow you too closely can drive recklessly. However, the same goes for drivers behind the 18 wheeler.

Bottom-up on an 18-wheeler can be tempting, but it increases your risk of a car crash. Large truck drivers cannot see behind them because of the massive trailers behind them. You can’t expect a big truck driver to know you are behind them when you are within three feet of them.

Driving on the side of an 18-wheeled vehicle is more complicated as these blind spots vary depending on vehicle type, distance, and location. Some 18-wheelers have wider blind spots on the sides than others. Their large side mirrors help deter this, but to some extent.

How can I avoid blind spots on the 18 wheels?

One of the most useful rules you can follow to avoid 18-wheel blind spots is to look for the face of the driver of the truck. Try to do this as often as possible, especially when driving on either side of an 18-wheeled vehicle. Look for the face of the truck driver in their side mirrors. If you can’t see the truck driver, the truck driver can’t see you.

Avoiding the blind spots of large trucks means keeping your distance in front of and behind those trucks. Never tailgate a large truck and pull over to the side of the road if a large truck tailgate you. It’s better than risking a fatal accident. When driving on the side, look for the driver’s face. If you can’t see their face, speed up or slow down until you do, or back up and drive behind the truck driver. Don’t hesitate to contact a Jackson truck accident attorney if you’ve been in an accident with an 18-wheeled vehicle in the state of Mississippi.

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

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