Consultants for the Japanese eVTOL industry


Akihabara News (Tokyo) – A boutique consulting firm named Globe+ing, established last March, is becoming a key player in Japan’s eVTOL industry.

The company has around 50 employees and includes consultants focused on digital transformation as well as a team with extensive knowledge of domestic and foreign eVTOLs.

Keisuke Yasukochi, a Globe+ing consultant who is currently seconded as business development manager for eVTOL manufacturer SkyDrive, said Akihabara News in a recent interview, “This market is going to start soon and that’s why we are already in the market, supporting some of the eVTOL companies.”

He adds: “I don’t think it’s too soon. We are at the right stage… We are getting a lot of contracts from companies that want to enter this market.

Masaki Ota, another member of Globe+ing’s advanced air mobility team, says “we have the strategy building as well as the knowledge of the big picture.”

So far, there is no indication that other consulting firms in Japan are following their lead.

“To be honest, I don’t think there are any competitors who are really serious about the eVTOL market,” Yasukochi says.

Yasukochi explains that his role at SkyDrive is to help them with areas such as developing their business strategies, branding and overseas marketing.

Globe+ing’s core offering to its clients is to provide them with market intelligence, help them make sales and introduce them to potential strategic partners.

Ota observes that “for Japan to gain participation in this area, many companies need to collaborate with each other. It will not be a single company that will vertically capture all segments. »

Japanese companies need to think carefully about which particular areas of the eVTOL industry they will focus on and which slice of the market they will target. No one knows for sure where the real “profit pool” will be.

Ota also notes that a major task for Globe+ing at this early stage is to help large companies with their internal decision-making.

“This is a very new business for them and they need to build understanding within each of their businesses. This in itself is a very big challenge to solve, and it is an area in which we are helping,” he says.

Asked what they see as the biggest challenge for the Japanese eVTOL industry, Globe+ing consultants cite the critical importance of building mainstream acceptance, convincing people that the social benefits and economics of urban air mobility are worth it, such as having multiple vehicles flying over the skies of major cities.

Unless the Japanese government and the business community make serious efforts to convince the wary public about this, it could become a factor causing Japan to lag behind the global industry.

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