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CLOQUET — Approval of a new three-year contract for Dylan Carlson, director of facilities and grounds at Cloquet Schools, was tabled after school board members failed to secure a majority vote on Monday, 21 March.

Board members were split 3-3 in the vote, with Gary Huard, Dave Battaglia and Melissa Juntunen casting all dissenting votes. Board Chairman Ted Lammi, Nate Sandman and Ken Scarbrough all voted in favor of the new contract.

Superintendent Michael Cary said the contract is almost identical to Carlson’s previous contract, except for changes to the salary schedule and a monthly allowance of $60 for transportation costs to and from buildings in the district. .

Under the new contract, the salary grid would increase by 3.25% per step starting in the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Carlson would start in Stage Three with an annual salary of $79,346.

The minor changes were made to reflect a similar contract structure for District Chief Technology Officer Trevor Smith.

“Our committees felt confident that these two positions were really quite similar in scope and responsibility,” Cary said. “They both deal with large systems. Obviously, the Director of Facilities takes care of all of our building systems, while the Director of Technology takes care of our networks and technology infrastructure. »

In addition to having to manage groups of people, Cary specifies that the two directors are the first to be called in the event of an emergency within their departments.

“They both also have to deal with the coordination and supervision of large projects, and sometimes critical crises – (like) a network goes down, something critical happens in the facility where you need to react immediately. So, we saw these positions as very analogous, and now these two contracts line up almost identically.

During the business session of Monday’s meeting, Huard asked for clarification regarding the new contract in addition to inquiring about the responsibilities of Carlson’s position.

“I have a lot of questions before I move on to this (motion). I guess I would like to know what his duties are…I would like to know what his hours are and who he reports to,” said Huard: “Does it really and truly do what it’s supposed to do? I just have these questions.”

Huard then requested a copy of Carlson’s previous contract. Cary then suggested that the issues raised be dealt with outside of the meeting.

“If you have any questions about the kinds of (things) you just brought up, I would say I would be the person you want to talk to,” Cary said. “So we could schedule a meeting and have a conversation about it.”

The board will have another chance to vote on the contract at the next board meeting, which is set for Monday, April 11.

Memorandum of Understanding with Cloquet NCASA adopted

The Cloquet School Board voted unanimously to approve the Memorandum of Understanding with the Cloquet Non-Certified Administrative Support Association (NCASA) for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The note requested to delete the wording of article V, section 2, subd. 6, Subpart 6 of the contract regarding employee medical insurance benefits, and specifically, spousal eligibility for district health insurance coverage.

“There was an element that was negotiated in the contract for this year and I think both parties were able to fully implement this year, and due to a technicality we were not able to put it. implemented,” explained Cary.

The memo also included a $1,500 salary increase for the district’s executive assistant for this fiscal year only.


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