Business Intel: Former South Roanoke Hair Salon and Spa to Home to Law Firm | Local company


A building in South Roanoke that previously housed a salon and spa will soon house a law firm.

David Steidle said he and his wife Samantha purchased the building at the intersection of McClanahan Street and Broadway Avenue with the intention of using approximately 3,500 square feet for its Steidle Law Firm and rent the remaining office space.

Steidle said he was interested in a customer-based tenant with lots of people coming in and out because that foot traffic would also benefit the law firm, which is focused on personal injury, estate, family relationships. and criminal law.

The law firm is expanding, with plans to add another named partner and bring in additional lawyers, which required more space, Steidle said. The location and style of the building met his needs.

“I just imagined right away what our business would look like in there,” said Steidle.

Renovations will be made to the space, which previously housed Hair Salon and Belle Santé day spa. The latter moved to Oak Grove in Roanoke County in 2019, at the same time abandoning the Hairdressing brand and salon services.

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