Bumpers College’s Mark Wilton Named to NAADA Board of Trustees


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Mark Wilson has worked at Bumpers College since 2019.

Mark Wilton, director of development and outreach at U of A’s Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has been named to the board of directors of a national agricultural organization.

Wilton, who has worked at Bumpers College since 2019, holds a one-year position on the board of the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association.

He is the Past Co-Chair of the NAADA Conference and Co-Chair of the NAADA 2023 Sponsorship Committee, and is responsible for theme development; identify locations for off-site events, including opening reception, Spirit Night and educational tours; help identify keynote speakers; work with the education committee to coordinate conference programming; and soliciting and managing sponsorships.

“I am delighted to welcome Mark back to our Board of Directors,” said Jordan Moseley, President of NAADA. “I look forward to partnering with the members of our Board of Directors as they include a diverse representation of individuals from across the country. This diversity is essential for our organization to enhance mission-critical solutions to better serve NAADA and our universities, as NAADA provides education, support, and recognition of professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to expanding resources to advance agriculture and related disciplines through land grants and other agricultural science colleges and partner programs.

Wilton’s term began on June 17 with more than 20 other board members from across the United States following NAADA’s 47th Annual Conference.

Bumpers College and the U of A System Division of Agriculture co-hosted this year’s NAADA conference in Fayetteville, bringing the event to Arkansas for the first time. Wilton; Brian Helms, director of stakeholder relations with the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service; Jill Bowman, development and outreach coordinator at Bumpers College; Kristin Seals, associate director of facilities and special events at Bumpers College; and Stephanie Neipling, assistant director of external relations in the agriculture division of the U of A System, coordinated the conference.

“I am extremely honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the NAADA Board of Directors again and look forward to contributing to the planning of the NAADA 2023 conference,” said Wilton. “In hosting the conference for the very first time in Arkansas, it was an honor to co-chair the NAADA 2022 conference committee and introduce Bumpers College, the agriculture division, university and agriculture of the Arkansas.”

Wilton joined the U of A staff after working at Auburn University’s College of Agriculture from 2000 to 2019. He has held various development positions, including coordinator and director.

In his role at Bumpers College, he provides strategic direction for securing major gifts, maintains a development plan, and leads fundraising, outreach, and alumni engagement activities.

NAADA is dedicated to the professional advancement of its members and the institutions they serve. The organization provides training and support for professionals, volunteers, and student leaders dedicated to serving agricultural science colleges and related programs. The member network includes institutions from across the United States.

About Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences: Bumpers College provides life-changing opportunities to position and prepare graduates who will be leaders in businesses associated with food, family, environment, agriculture, sustainability and quality of life. human life; and who will be first-choice candidates for employers looking for leaders, innovators, decision makers and entrepreneurs. The college is named after Dale Bumpers, a former governor of Arkansas and longtime U.S. senator who propelled the state into national and international agriculture. For more information on Bumpers College, visit our websiteand follow us on Twitter at @BumpersCollege and Instagram at BumperCollege.

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