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Shiny, new and expensive.

Boise State unveiled its new plans to advance the growth of its athletic programs and the success of student-athletes with an Athletics Master Village in April 2022. The $300 million plan will be the largest athletic facility remodel in the state. history of the university.

Following an evaluation with AECOM, an infrastructure consulting firm, Boise State reduced the additions needed to help upgrade resources for its 18 athletic programs. These additions include new weight rooms, college centers, administrative offices, stadium seating and more.

“We have to take it to the next level. It can be how we celebrate our teams, for some extra premium space,” sporting director Jeramiah Dickey said in an interview with KTVB.

Although plans for this new facility are set to begin now, Bronco fans and athletes may not see the full campus remodel for five to ten years. With a large amount of work to do to complete the project, each individual section of this plan requires significant fundraising.

On August 4, Dickey released an update on the Athletics Master Village that outlined major updates and rough budget cost estimates for each of the department’s specific projects.

“Since our initial unveiling in April, we’ve had the opportunity to further define the details with key projects that include a much better understanding of the total cost,” Dickey told KTVB.

The department’s initial cost for the Athletics Master Village is $300 million for future projects, with the largest amount of money going to Albertsons Stadium renovation projects at $129.4 million.

Detailed plans for Albertsons Stadium include a state-of-the-art, $36.1 million field-level facility for an upscale club experience on game day and a student-athlete catering program. Also included are 10 ground level suites equipped with a lounge and premium club seating. Additionally, the north end zone will win a 360-degree contest for fans.

ExtraMile Arena updates will include expansion of training facilities for men’s and women’s basketball as well as an extension to the Arguinchona basketball complex that will add a new weight room alongside the existing gymnasium and offices coaches.

In 1969, the idea of ​​a major athletic complex on the Boise State campus was just an afterthought to many. That changed a year later, in 1970, when Boise State leaders turned their attention to competing at the national collegiate level.

Bronco Stadium was built in 1970, followed by the clubhouse, now ExtraMile Arena, built in 1982. Since then, Boise State has significantly improved the quality and appearance of its sports complex. The university strives to help its student-athletes as well as its fans have the best possible experience.

Now in 2022, Boise State is unveiling its biggest plans yet – opening the doors to new possibilities for the athletic department.

[Rendering of Athletics Village Master Plan]
Photo courtesy of Boise State Athletics

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