Biden says Lindsey Graham was a “personal disappointment”


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President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday expressed remorse over how his relationship with Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), his former colleague in the Senate, since Graham embraced President Donald Trump and his harsh politics.


Interviewed by comedian Stephen Colbert during a Last show Interviewing about his former Senate colleagues embracing Trump and refusing to acknowledge his victory, Biden said it “suits” me because “they’re in a tough spot” politically.

But Biden made an exception for Graham, who he said was a “personal disappointment” because “I was a personal friend of his.”

Graham has been one of Trump’s strongest supporters – and at times one of Biden’s toughest critics – in the Senate, even call in a special advocate to investigate possible financial misconduct by Biden’s adult son, Hunter Biden.

“It’s used to get to me,” Biden said of such allegations, adding that they were “kind of foul play, but it is.”

Graham’s embrace of Trump served him well politically: he avoided a serious main challenge in 2020 and managed to secure a comfortable 10-point general election victory despite being widely passed by his Democratic challenger. .

Key context

Biden’s wife Dr Jill Biden said in a CNN interview in February that Biden, Graham and the late were “great friends” and, along with the late Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), “traveled with the Foreign Relations Committee.” However, Dr Biden suggested that the “negative things” Graham said about her husband during Trump’s impeachment hearings ultimately turned out to be a rift between the two.

Crucial quote

“If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you’ve got a problem. You must do a self-assessment. Because, what’s not to like ”, Graham noted of Biden in 2015, when he was still a rival and critic of Trump. “He’s as good a man God ever made. He said some of the sincerest things anyone can tell me. He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met in politics.

What to watch out for

While Graham has remained mostly loyal to Trump, he has signaled some willingness to revert to his pre-Trump bipartisan ways. Shortly before the election call for Biden, Graham noted he would try to find “common ground” with Biden and argued that he “deserved a cabinet.” After the Electoral College confirmed Biden’s victory, Graham broke with Trump in declaring there is a “very, very narrow path for the president. I don’t see how he will get out of it from here.”


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