Best-selling author Cebollero discusses leadership with family science class


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Chris Cebollero, the senior partner of Cebollero & Associates, a leadership / medical consulting firm, recently spoke about the Introduction to Leadership and Administration in the Helping Professions course, which is part of the development program human and family sciences.

Chris Cebollero, best-selling author and motivational speaker, recently visited a leadership and administration class at the University of the University to discuss the definition of leadership, emotional intelligence and understanding the measure of leadership success.

He was a guest of Donia Timby, a human development and family science teacher in the School of Environmental Humanities at Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Science.

Timby teaches Introduction to Leadership and Administration in the Helping Professions, and Cebollero’s discussion was based on his book Ultimate leadership: 10 rules for success. The book was an Amazon # 1 bestseller.

The course is a basic introduction to definitions relating to leadership and emotional intelligence. Emphasis is placed on the fact that being an effective leader is an essential part of being an effective administrator in organizations. Topics include facilities, budget, staff development, and policy manuals.

Cebollero asked the students questions, including: “Don’t be afraid to admit what challenges you. How to grow up if you don’t know your challenges? “

He offered bits of wisdom, including: “Experience comes from mistakes; mistakes come from lack of experience. Her # 1 tip is “Never let your emotions dictate your actions. It’s easier said than done. It hovered over my head like a black cloud for about 10 years.”

He shared personal experiences, with takeaways such as, “I wanted to be in control, until I realized it was hurting me. How many times have you thought about something too much and it never happened? “

Cebollero’s book is based on his personal mistakes, failures, and lessons learned. He spent 30 years in the medical field, where he led hundreds of professionals. He is the senior partner of Cebollero & Associates, a leadership / medical consulting firm. In 2014, its emergency medical services teams (Christian Hospital EMS) responded to medical emergencies related to riots, looting and assault following the grand jury announcement of Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

He said the crisis vision statement for his team was the foundation for successful leadership: “First, come home at the end of the shift; second, provide the best patient care; third, be leaders in our community; and finally, be a role model for our career field. “

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