AC Milan board member discusses club’s vision and key next steps


AC Milan board member Giorgio Furlani – who is a portfolio manager at Elliott Mgmt. – spoke to Forbes via Semper Milano to discuss the club’s vision after their title win.

On the stadium: “Today we want to build a new stadium with Inter. San Siro is a stadium of great memories for AC Milan fans, including myself; we are working on a project to have a new stadium : we want him to be among the best in European football.

On bureaucratic challenges: “In Italy, several clubs are struggling to get the stadium project off the ground; it is very important for the growth of a team to have a modern stadium. In the middle, however, there is the bureaucracy that has created so many problems for us. I was hoping for a progressive, modern, forward-thinking city like Milan, where the approval process would be simpler, but rather complicated. However, we continued with the project. Frankly, I was hoping the project was almost done today, but it’s not. We will continue to push and we hope to give Milan fans what they deserve, that is to say a real model stadium in which their club plays.”

On the brand: “Milan has always had a lot of fans, they’re a fantastic brand who have fans all over the world who really care about the team. In recent years they’ve been a bit ‘dormant’ due to below-par performances. usual level on the sporting level which did not allow them to play in the highest European competition.”

On European pedigree: “In my opinion, the trick is this: win or at least have some degree of success, but not at all costs. Milan, historically speaking, belong to the same group as real MadridBarcelona, ​​​​Bayern Munich, etc. Milan are among the big names in continental Europe, but as a club they come from 8 years of difficulties in which they lost relevance. We are now beginning to bridge that gap. Now Milan are growing and on the right track to catch up with these clubs and look, I could say yes, the past was difficult – as I said – but the future is very interesting and fun.


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