The Final Decision To Withdraw The Credit File Cost

Taking the credit file expense back is also the final decision. Upon the objection made by a customer using a loan from a private bank, with the precedent decision of the 11th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the debate on repaying the loan file costs paid by the bank ended. According to the information received, a consumer using a commercial loan from a private bank paid to the bank as a loan file expense. After the use of consumer credit, the bank applied to the Consumer Arbitration Committee for the refund of the loan file cost. As a result of this application, the Consumer Arbitration Committee decided what would be the return of the loan file expenses the bank received.

The bank applied to the Supreme Court upon the finalization of the decision.

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Supreme Court unanimously overturned the decision regarding the acceptance of the lawsuit filed by the bank by the Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office for the benefit of the law.

Upon this decision of the Supreme Court, banks will no longer be able to file a “request for a refund” in order to get back the money they collected under the name of the credit file expense and returned according to the Consumer Arbitration Committee decision. As a result of this final decision, we will still repeat our warning. Before using the loan, you must have full and complete information about the loan you want to use. What type of loan will you use, what are the terms of use of the loan, how will the loan be repaid? All of these questions must be answered without leaving the slightest question mark in your mind.

You only need to do serious research on the interest rate.

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As we mentioned in our articles to date, the cost of the loan you use is not just the interest rate. In addition to this, the expenses such as loan file expenses, life insurance to be requested by the bank are also within your loan cost.

Moreover, whether the interest rate announced by the bank is monthly or annually is one of the factors affecting the loan cost. Even in the number of installments of the loan, whether the interim payment is accepted, whether you have the right to close early, it is important in determining the cost of the loan.

Using credit quickly to meet your urgent needs may cause unforeseen costs and conditions of use.

For this reason, in order to meet your urgent loan requirement, you have to keep your relations with banks good. In this way, your credit rating is high and your intelligence is evaluated positively before the banks. This increases your chances of using loans in better conditions and at more affordable prices.

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